LUDWIG is a cute little Prague Ratter (4.5 kg), a foundling, who is now four years old and lives in Munich with his two-legged friend, Tom Fritsch. His lucky red necktie is his trademark.
LUDWIG has 6,000 fans from around the world on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/Ludwigswelt), many of whom witness and comment on his everyday adventures online.

LUDWIG represents honesty, love and friendship. The Prague Ratter experiences thrilling adventures with his friends and tells us about the world as he sees it.
LUDWIG is not just any dog, but the first "real" dog in Germany, that also serves as a template for a cartoon character.
LUDWIG is Germany's favorite four-legged friend with his own homepage www.Ludwigswelt.com, an original song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoTly1gUjVc) and his own radio show LUDWIG'S RADIO SHOW every Saturday 20:00 -21:00 to listen to at www.Haustier-Radio.de . The circle of fans of this celebrity dog with the big heart includes many prominent figures such as entertainer Ross Antony, singer and actress Isabel Varell and even the British actor Hugh Grant.

Endemol Worldwide Brands market the cartoon dog with the big ears and the stylish necktie as an exclusive third partner license LUDWIG’S WORLD
Little Czech "LUDWIG" ,the most famous Prague Ratter, conquers the world!

The first dog food from a fourlegged friend for 4-legged friends
Cartoon Star LUDWIG from Munich, delicious to eat

Together with the successful dog food manufacturers Dr.Clauder (http://www.dr-clauder.com/#/drclauder-startseite/) the famous fourlegged friend LUDWIG will launch a self developed, high-quality dog food in May 2012. LUDWIG'S dog food will be available to purchase in stores and online - and with LUDWIG’S cartoon image on the packaging it’s absolutely unmistakable!

Dr.Clauder`s pet food is available in 55 countries in Europe and Asia. The company, based in North Rhine-Westphalia Hamminkeln, is family run and pursues the philosophy: "Dogs are our best friends, they accompany us throughout our lives with love and loyalty"

Dr.Clauder's moist food "LUDWIG'S WORLD" was co-developed by Ludwig himself. The four varieties have especially met his taste: game, chicken hearts, beef heart and lamb. All flavours are rich in vegetables and fruits, are totally healthy, 100% natural, made in Germany, grain-free, contain no artificial colour and no taste enhancers or preservatives.

Malte Hübers, Dr.Clauder’s CEO: "with Dr.Clauder, LUDWIG has the opportunity to introduce his own ideas for exceptionally tasty food and can decide himself what goes down well with dogs - as well as his many fans and friends. Due to LUDWIG’S large enterprising network, Dr.Clauder very quickly reached a higher level of popularity. With his young, motivated, dynamic and creative way LUDWIG best personifies the philosophy of Dr.Clauder."